Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exploring the New York City Subway System UPDATE: The Montague Tunnel

A few weeks ago I got my first opportunity to explore a New York City Subway tunnel. And when I say tunnel I don't mean a subway tunnel that runs under some street, although those are amazing too. No, I'm talking about the Montague tunnel (or tubes) which run from Manhattan to Brooklyn, under the East River. This tunnel has been closed for the past thirteen months for repairs from Hurricane Sandy. As construction draws to a close, Patrick Cashin, the MTA's photographer wanted to document the repairs before the tunnel reopened. Tagging along with Pat, I was able to shed light on one small part of the NY Transit system, a system which so many people take for granted, yet know so little about; the environment the commuters travel through as they go from one place to another. The many support systems that keep the subways running smoothly, and the safety systems which aid in passenger safety, all are there but largely unknown.